Kaplan & Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry (11th Edition)
Color-Coded Index Tabs

  • Time saving

    • 105 color-coded tabs
    • Categories scripted on each tab
  • Easy installation

    • Unique installation template positions tabs
    • No cutting, punching, or writing
    • Just peel and stick
  • Professional quality

    • Designed by graduate students
    • Used by professionals, instructors, and students
    • Durable and permanent
    • The authentic TAB-IT® Indexing System
Kaplan & Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry tabs template

TAB-IT® Index Tabs for Use with Kaplan & Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry (11th Edition)

The TAB-IT® Indexing System is a national award-winning, beautifully color-coded, durable tab system for your Synopsis of Psychiatry (11th Edition). Easy to install. No cutting, punching, or writing. Just use the unique template to position tabs, press and voila! A two-step process makes this system easy to install, attractive and extremely helpful. Each set consists of 105 color-coded tabs.

This system was designed by two graduate students and since its conception in 1995, it has been in high demand among professionals, instructors and students. In 1996, the indexing system was recognized as a national leader for design and function, by Business, Forms, Labels and Systems magazine.

The system is comprised of 105 tabs and an installation template. The tabs are color coded for quick access and have the categories scripted on them. The colors are designed to coordinate with the diagnosis sections of the TAB-IT® Indexing Systems' DSM-5 tabs. The tabs are easily applied and permanent. You can literally hold the book up by a tab. (Careful. Don't tear the page.)